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Air Heating Elements

example heater imageAir heaters can be used for almost any air-moving application. These types are commonly used for convection or with fans & blowers for heating cabinets and other spaces. Many sizes are available to match industry standard components. This group includes both the original patented Zig Zag style heater and self-regulating PTC heaters.

Contact Heating Elements

example heater imageContact heaters are used in direct contact with the part to be heated. The possible uses include heaters that are inserted into a blind hole, mounted to a surface, clamped in place or even embedded in a casting. This group includes our versitile, self regulating PTC heater.

Flanged Immersion Heating Elements

example heater imageImmersion heaters are usually used to heat liquids in a tank. This is most effective method to heat a container of fluid. This group includes many OEM replacements for industry standard water boilers, steam generators, autoclaves and sterilizers. Flanged immersion heaters for boilers, steam generators, sterilizers, autoclaves, etc. In stock and ready for immediate shipment. These are commonly used as replacements for Sussman, Electrosteam and many other boilers.