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This area of the website contains some technical resources for our heaters.

Care & Maintenance

Heater Care and Maintenance
Heaters require periodic cleaning
heaters require periodic cleaning, to keep them operating efficiently and extend their usable life.

Immersion Heater Cross Reference

Immersion Heater Cross Reference
Search for competitor cross reference information
This form will allow searching of the immersion heater database to cross referenced competitor part numbers with Eichenauer's

Boiler Lookup

Boiler Lookup
Search for steam generator information
This form will allow searching of the database to find the correct heater for a particular boiler, steam generator, or autoclave.

Parameter Search

Search for immersion heater by feature
Search for immersion heaters by features like voltage, wattage, flange size, etc.

Derating Calculator

Derate heater by operating at a lower voltage
Use this spreadsheet to calculate what happens when using a heater at a different voltage.
Heaters can be operated at a lower voltage than designed. Lower voltage will use less power and have lower watt loading.