Industrial applications|Flanged Immersion Heaters


Square flange immersion heater
autoclave sterilzer and boiler heaters
Spiral steam generator heating element
  • Capable of virutually any application and configuration
  • For direct contact with liquids, acids and caustic solutions
  • Greater electrical integrity with "sealing 100" process in certain applications
  • And more


Flanged Immersion Heaters for Autoclaves & Steam Sterilizers

Eichenauer manufactures a broad line of electrical heating elements for medical applications, including a portfolio of flanged immersion heaters for autoclaves and steam sterilizers, used in the healthcare sector for gravity and vacuum steam sterilization of reusable surgical instruments and other hospital supplies. These heater elements can be found in the electric boilers that supply high pressure steam of 121° C or more to the chamber of the autoclave, when no other means of steam supply is available on site.

The design for these heaters consists of tubular heating elements brazed or welded to a flange cut from steel or stainless steel plate. Flange plate size, thickness and shape are determined by the application. 

Our immersion heaters are available with various sheath materials mounted to a customized square or round flange.

Eichenauer's flanged immersion heaters can be designed with any element length, wattage, and voltage. High purity compacted MgO powder provides maximum heat conductivity and optimum dielectric strength.  Bends are recompacted to restore MgO density. Thermocouples can be installed for high limit temperature control and Spacers can be installed on elements to assist flow distribution. The elements are terminated with # 10-32 screw terminals that provide easy wiring.

Our commitment to this line of Industrial-Commercial Heating Elements will continue to prove our superiority in the area of Heating Elements.  Several styles of common replacement elements are kept in stock for many different OEM boiler, autoclave and sterilizer systems.

Let our engineers assist you in designing the right element for your application.

Please note: Eichenauer Inc. will be closed from December 20 through January 3 for our regularly scheduled winter shutdown and inventory. Please plan your orders accordingly.